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    Church at Rock Creek

    11500 West 36th Street
    Little Rock, AR 72211

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SaveOne is a Bible study that meets in a confidential setting.  SaveOne is a support group of people just like you who have experienced healing and restoration.  The SaveOne class leads you on a journey to emotional, physical, and spiritual healing after an abortion.   

Deeper Still Arkansas is a weekend healing experience for post-abortive women and men. For more information, email them at godeeperstillarkansas@gmail.com or contact Jeanie directly at saveoneatrockcreek@gmail.com.

If you have an abortion wounded heart and are in need of healing, contact Jeanie directly at saveoneatrockcreek@gmail.com.


"I’ve never been able to conceive a child after my abortion.  I was confident that this was punishment for my sin...that God was angry with me. The abortion affected my entire life...I didn’t smile and laugh much. Depression was always there.  In desperation I agreed to attend a Bible study for post-abortive women (SaveOne), then attended a Deeper Still Retreat a few years later.  Please don’t hear me being trite or ‘churchy’ when I say I understood for the first time that Jesus’ sacrifice of His life gave me the freedom from my sin and the freedom to start over, to have a real, joy-filled life.  It’s all about Him, His love, His grace, His mercy. If you’ve had an abortion, tell someone you trust, message the church (saveoneatrockcreek@gmail.com), go to a Bible study, attend a weekend retreat...God does not want His children to live in shame, He wants us to experience freedom."

--A Rock Creek Woman

"I was so ashamed and felt confident that others would shun me if they only knew ‘the real me’.  I 'looked ok', played all the church roles...even with a smile. But inside I was dying, broken, alone.  ‘Getting over’ the baby I had aborted as a teen was simply not happening...some 20 years later and I was grieving still.  When someone shared their abortion story, how God had broken the chains of bondage to their abortion sin, I admitted to her, 'Me too.  I’ve had an abortion too.' After going through an abortion recovery Bible study I attended the Deeper Still Retreat weekend. I stand up a new woman...my heart has been cleansed, I’m convinced that God not only still loves and forgives me, but that He has a great plan for my life.  I. Have. Purpose. God has given that to me."

--A Rock Creek Woman

"I thought I would feel relief after my abortion.  No one knew but my best friend who took me, and the clinic worker assured me it was ‘just a glob of cells, not a baby at all’.  I knew better but, in my attempt to bury the gut-wrenching guilt, I would not even speak the word ‘abortion’, stopped going to church, and even changed to a new group of friends.  The worst thing after the abortion was the nightmares...every night I had these horrible dreams of murder and death...usually involving children. It was horrid. Depression became my new name.  I had a secret that I could not share, covered with fervor for fear someone would find out. I married and when we became pregnant I could no longer bear the pain alone. I sought help, attended a recovery Bible study and eventually attended a healing retreat.  If I have anything to share, it’s that God loves us, in spite of our horrid sin, and He not only wants to heal us from that sin, He wants to heal us to a new beginning, a new way to live life in freedom.  Don’t bear your secret alone...share it with someone you trust and seek help."

--A Rock Creek Woman

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