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    Church at Rock Creek

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The Abortion Recovery Ministry at Rock Creek seeks to reach women, men, and others (family and friends) who are suffering in silence after an abortion.  


  • There have been 62,502,704+ million reported abortions in America since 1973. 
  • There are approximately 3,200-3,600 abortions annually in Arkansas.  
  • Approximately 43% of all women have had at least one abortion by the time they are 45 years old. That is about 1 in every 3 women (almost 1 in 2).  

To put this into perspective, the Church at Rock Creek’s population of women ages 18 and up is about 1,517 (women active in our system over 18).

Divide 1,517 by 3 and the result is 505 women. 

502 women sitting in the church on any given Sunday morning at Rock Creek, have had at least one abortion…many of those women are suffering in silence.

  • This does not include abortions by adolescents (ages 13-18) who account for 12-15% of all abortions in the United States.
  • 79% of women who have abortions state that they consider themselves ‘a part of a church’.   It is not “those” women who have abortions…it is the Christian woman sitting next to you in church as well. 

The bottom line is that even in the healthiest churches there are many women and men who continue to hide their secret shame of a past abortion.  Abortion is not merely a physical act, but rather it has profound spiritual and emotional consequences. 

What does the abortion recovery ministry at Rock Creek look like?

  1. SaveOne Bible Studies lead women, men, and others impacted by their abortion (family and friends) toward spiritual healing through an 8- week format in a small, confidential group setting. After each class, participants are honored by church leadership, affirming their worth as part of our church family and as sons and daughters of the King.
  2. Deeper Still Arkansas retreats bring healing and lasting freedom to abortion wounded hearts. Based in prayer with a team approach; this is a weekend retreat, held twice annually, with 10-20 women and men in attendance.  Twenty-eight plus churches in Central Arkansas are involved in this ministry.  
  3. Personal, woman to woman/man to man support Women and men who have completed the SaveOne study at Rock Creek have found their voice; they now help other post-abortive women.  
  4. Education The Abortion Recovery Team has spoken with Rock Creek staff, Life Groups, Women’s events, Flourish Moms, Rock Creek Students, and others.  We will continue to educate and equip our pastors, ministry leaders, students, and those who are post-abortive about abortion and it’s consequences, and about God’s plan for redemption and recovery.


"I’ve never been able to conceive a child after my abortion.  I was confident that this was punishment for my sin...that God was angry with me. The abortion affected my entire life...I didn’t smile and laugh much. Depression was always there.  In desperation I agreed to attend a Bible study for post-abortive women (SaveOne), then attended a Deeper Still Retreat a few years later.  Please don’t hear me being trite or ‘churchy’ when I say I understood for the first time that Jesus’ sacrifice of His life gave me the freedom from my sin and the freedom to start over, to have a real, joy-filled life.  It’s all about Him, His love, His grace, His mercy. If you’ve had an abortion, tell someone you trust, message the church (saveoneatrockcreek@gmail.com), go to a Bible study, attend a weekend retreat...God does not want His children to live in shame, He wants us to experience freedom."

--A Rock Creek Woman

"I was so ashamed and felt confident that others would shun me if they only knew ‘the real me’.  I 'looked ok', played all the church roles...even with a smile. But inside I was dying, broken, alone.  ‘Getting over’ the baby I had aborted as a teen was simply not happening...some 20 years later and I was grieving still.  When someone shared their abortion story, how God had broken the chains of bondage to their abortion sin, I admitted to her, 'Me too.  I’ve had an abortion too.' After going through an abortion recovery Bible study I attended the Deeper Still Retreat weekend. I stand up a new woman...my heart has been cleansed, I’m convinced that God not only still loves and forgives me, but that He has a great plan for my life.  I. Have. Purpose. God has given that to me."

--A Rock Creek Woman

"I thought I would feel relief after my abortion.  No one knew but my best friend who took me, and the clinic worker assured me it was ‘just a glob of cells, not a baby at all’.  I knew better but, in my attempt to bury the gut-wrenching guilt, I would not even speak the word ‘abortion’, stopped going to church, and even changed to a new group of friends.  The worst thing after the abortion was the nightmares...every night I had these horrible dreams of murder and death...usually involving children. It was horrid. Depression became my new name.  I had a secret that I could not share, covered with fervor for fear someone would find out. I married and when we became pregnant I could no longer bear the pain alone. I sought help, attended a recovery Bible study and eventually attended a healing retreat.  If I have anything to share, it’s that God loves us, in spite of our horrid sin, and He not only wants to heal us from that sin, He wants to heal us to a new beginning, a new way to live life in freedom.  Don’t bear your secret alone...share it with someone you trust and seek help."

--A Rock Creek Woman


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