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    Church at Rock Creek

    11500 West 36th Street
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Unstoppable Courage

Unstoppable Courage

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Unstoppable CourageJuly 5, 2020

Today, Greg Kirskey continues teaching on Unstoppable Courage. Jason Curry joins Greg for a time of discussion, we worship together, and there is a time of giving. We are so thankful you have joined us at Rock Creek Online!

In This Series

1 Unstoppable Courage (Online)July 5  |  Greg Kirksey, Teaching Pastor

2 Unstoppable Courage (On Campus)July 5  |  Greg Kirksey, Teaching Pastor

3 Unstoppable Courage Week 2 (Online)July 12  |  Greg Kirksey, Teaching Pastor

4 Unstoppable Courage Week 2 (On Campus)July 12  |  Greg Kirksey, Teaching Pastor

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