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    Church at Rock Creek

    11500 West 36th Street
    Little Rock, AR 72211

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Stephanie Fink

Stephanie Fink Feed Arkansas Kids/Hope Center Program Manager

Stephanie has been a member of Rock Creek since 2004.  Previously, she worked at Rock Creek as a receptionist, then administrative assistant, before leaving to return to school.  While earning her degree in sociology from UALR she realized her passion for tackling the issue of child hunger in Arkansas. This made for a perfect transition into the role of Manager for our Feed Arkansas Kids ministry in January 2017.  Stephanie lives in Benton with her husband, Kevin, and their 2 daughters, Zanna and Presley.  Stephanie is a breast cancer survivor, loves music, reading, and spending time with her family. She serves as our Feed Arkansas Kids Manager as well as the manager for the Hope Center Programs.

One of Stephanie’s favorite quotes: “IF YOU CAN’T FEED A HUNDRED PEOPLE, THEN FEED JUST ONE.”  - Mother Theresa

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View Website 501-221-1051

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