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Rock Creek has worked in Peru since 2001. For a number of years we worked in the Central Highlands of the Peruvian Andes in an area called Yauyos. We worked with the children in the schools, started a number of Bible studies, and help launch a church in the village of Tamará.

In 2009 we began a partnership with Iglesia Grácia Divina. This church is located in Callao, a community in the northern part of Lima. Together we helped launch a church in an impoverished community called Nuevo Pachacutec. In addition to eye clinics, medical clinics, children activities,and adult education, we also provided breakfast to a number of children who participate in a Bible Club we formed. These churches are able to support themselves now.

In 2010 we shifted our attention to the region of Cusco. Cusco is located in South Central Peru. Cusco is the jumping off place for those who travel from all over the world to hike the Inca Trail. This trail winds through the Andes ending up at Machu Picchu, the world famous ancient Incan fortress and one of the Seven Modern Wonders of the World.

The summer of 2012 a mission team from Rock Creek worked with an orphanage named Azul Wasi. The team worked to introduce Jesus to these children through crafts and games. Through the monetary donations of Rock Creek, the team had the great fortune to help complete a newly constructed bathroom so the children could use the showers and toilets. In additiion to working at Azul Wasi the team worked with the children of an after school program named Altivas Canas. While the men completed enclosing the windows of Altivas Canas the ladies went to the children's wing of the local hospital and spread Jesus' love to the very sick children in the hospital. Finally at the end of our trip we took a little horseback ride to some Inca ruins just outside of Cusco. The experience of exploring the ruins and walking where ancient people walked was the capstone of an already great trip.

In 2014 we took a medial mission trip high in the Andes mountains of Peru, near the village of Cachora.  The team spent the first day at “Village of the Children” a Christian ministry built to care for orphaned children – precious little ones who have been neglected, abused, or abandoned. The team worked all day administering medication and providing physicals to all the children at the orphanage. The second day was spent in Cachora providing care for 60+ adults and children living in and around the village. The team worked tirelessly all day and we were blessed to be able to leave a lot of much needed medication for the village medical staff. The third day was spent back in Cusco at the El Arch Children’s Home performing physicals and administering medication for the 40+ children there. Our trip ended with a relaxing horseback trial ride in the Andes’ mountains.

Our 2015 trip was spent at the El Arca Children’s Home digging a much needed septic system hole and lateral lines for the home. While the men were digging our ladies were playing games with the children that eventually pointed them to the love of Jesus. Our trip ended with an wonderful train ride to Machu Picchu where we spent the day exploring the ruins and listening to our guide tell the story of these amazing Incan people.

In our effort to explore ways to enhance our impact of Cusco and the surrounding communities, our future trips will prove to be just as fulfilling and exciting!

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