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    Church at Rock Creek

    11500 West 36th Street
    Little Rock, AR 72211

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    • Mondays | 7:00am | ONLINE ONLY Conversation Experience

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In 2015, 13 students and adults went on our initial trip to the island of Ometepe on Lake Managua. It was a tremendous time of discovery of ministry and building relationships with local churches and schools.

Ometepe is a small island made of two volcanic mountains. Its rich soil is perfect for growing plantains and coffee and the islanders are a friendly and engaging culture. The scenery is beautiful and the resort we stay at gives us the feel of a resort on a beach, with fantastic food and awesome views. Through the generous efforts of our partners there, we were able to complete a massive painting project in a local school that had been damaged by a recent mudslide off one of the volcanoes. We spent two days playing and painting with the school children and sharing the love of Christ with them. We also spent time in ministry with two local churches on the island. Pastor Jose's church was a huge blessing to us as we reached out in their community and spent time with local children doing ministry. Pastor Cecilio was also a huge help to us in connecting us with locals. We spent an afternoon with them moving rocks for a building project and leading their congregation in worship.

We have continued our work in Ometepe despite challenges within the country. The church in Ometepe continues to grow and our partnership is flourishing.  Our most recent trip in June of 2019 was a tremendous time of ministry and we are looking forward to returning in June of 2020.

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