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    Church at Rock Creek

    11500 West 36th Street
    Little Rock, AR 72211

    Service Times

    • Mondays | 7:00am | ONLINE ONLY Conversation Experience

    • Sundays | 9:00am | Weekend Service

    • Sundays | 10:45am | Weekend Service

    • Sundays | 12:30pm | Rock Creek 30

    • Mondays | 7:00pm | Monday Night @7

Thursday, May 28th from 3 - 6 pm on our Rock Creek campus we are going to have a "Food Drive Parade"! We are so excited to welcome you back onto campus to bring donations to the Rock Creek food bank...parade style and all at a safe distance! The entire Rock Creek staff will be there to greet, wave, sing (Russ Holmes we're talking about you!) and celebrate this fun event with you! Come with your car decorated, music jamming and windows down! We miss you and can't wait to see you!

Food Items Needed:

  • Tuna 5 oz. can
  • Peanut Butter 16 oz. jar
  • Cereal 18.5 oz. box  
  • Vegetable Soup 10.7 oz. can
  • Beef Stew 15 oz. can
  • Green Beans or Green Peas 15 oz. can
  • Corn or Mixed Vegetable 15 oz. can
  • Dry Beans 16 oz. pkg.
  • Mac & Cheese 7.25 oz. box
  • Ramen Noodles 3 oz. pkg.
  • Saltine Crackers 4 sleeve box

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